First Aid

First Aid 3.0

How to save a life


  • Clear, concise instructions
  • Helpful illustrations
  • Provides quick access to emergency services
  • Fast access to information


  • Not as comprehensive as a first aid course


First Aid is a indispensable guide to dealing with medical emergencies, which you can carry around at all times on your mobile phone

Handling an accident or an emergency situation is something we all hope we never have to face. Even so, it's something we should all be prepared for. First Aid includes step-by-step instructions for 50 different first aid procedures. The conditions/injuries are listed in a simple alphabetically-ordered on the main screen, and these can be scrolled down very quickly.

Each procedure in First Aid is explained in a clear and concise manner, meaning you don't have to read through pages and pages of text while the victim is laying in agony. Colorful illustrations are used to provide an at-a-glance guide to some of the rescue maneuvers, which include cardiopulmonary resuscitation and cuts and scrapes first aid.

Besides offering these 50 overviews, First Aid also provides information on emergency service phone numbers for any country, details of general conduct, and a one-click call button to the emergency services.

It's worth noting that First Aid merely offers information on emergency procedures and, as its disclaimer says, it doesn't represent a substitute to a first aid course.

If I was king, everyone would be forced, by law, to complete a first aid course, and install First Aid on their phone. It might just save a life.

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First Aid


First Aid 3.0

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